The Pirates of Prestidigitation

Fresh from his sold-out performances at the new Arts Theatre, Ron Giesecke sat and ruminated about what to do next.

That’s when he decided to wake his longtime magic-buddy, Bryan Gilles, from the odd performing twilight he’s maintained for five years. Ron ran over to his house and knocked on the door. He heard a voice yell, I ALREADY HAVE an extended warranty!”

Ron ran around to the window, and could see Bryan—crouched on the floor in a fetal position, clutching a deck of cards, and a book called “Magic for Dummies.”

Ron immediately knew he was dealing with a man in the final throes of entertainment hypoxia.

“You wanna do a show together?” He asked.

Soon enough, Bryan was speaking intelligible sentences and saying things like “Return to magic” and “It’s been too long.” He also said something about a “bag of catalytic converters in the garage,” but no one knows what that meant.

By the end of the day, Bryan and Ron hatched a plan—if Ron can inflict his act upon the community like some ersatz-pirate with no consequences—what kind of damage can be done with combined, sleight-of-hand buccaneering?

Thus, in the show presented here; longtime friends, with boyhood interests in the silly and slightly-clandestine world of trickery and deception, will do what they have only toyed with at the margins.

This will be an evening of wonder, laughter, and hopefully, what will also be the first of many shows to come.

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